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DAY 26

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Day 26

Focus Thought


When you get into the habit of juicing fruit and vegetables or consuming phytonutrient powders, you will dramatically reduce your risk of diseases such as cancer, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, macular degneration and other diseases.



Daily Prescription for Health 


The USDA, the Surgeon General and National Cancer institute all recomend that we eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.  In fact, the USDA advises that we eat five to thirteen servings of fruit and vegetables a day in order to maintain health.  Because we eat so little fruit and vegetables, many Americans suffer from nutritional deficiences including vitamin and mineral deficiencies.


In addition, some of our vegetables have decreased nutrients in them due to the depleted soil that they are grown in.  Thus, eating  increased quanities of fruits and vegetables is very important.


Daily Spiritual Journey


Fasting builds chatacter and integrity.   It helps to overcome temptation and allows us to be led by the Spirit.  Fasting is intended to cultivate a greater closeness to God and to create more of His character within us.


Through Fasting we can become clearer channels of His Spirit  and develop godliness in all our relationships. 

Dear Lord, I thank you for using this time of fasting to create more of Your character in my life.  My sole desire is to become like You and be used by you.  Take complete control and have Your way in my life.  Comple the character building process that you have started in me.  Amen!
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