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DAY 25

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This is Day 4 of 7--Your Almost There!!!!!!

Focus Thought


The power of better health through detoxification is yours.  We should pursue good health aggressively by looking carefully at our diet and liefestyle.  A healthy future is in your hands.


Daily Prescription for Health 


Juice fasting can quickly allow you to shed any extra toxic fat that your body may be carrying.  In addition, you can avvoid a water-only fasting trap of which many people are not even aware.


What is the trap?  Water only fasting can actually cause you to gain significant amounts of weight after the fast!  That's is one of the reasons that a fasting program of specially prepared juices is more practical and has a greater benefit.  Also, on a specially prepared juice fast it is easier to be successful because your body will not crave nutrition in the same way as a fast where you are only drinking water.


Daily Spiritual Journey


Being forty days tempted of the devil.  And in those days he did not eat nothing...(Luke 4:2).


And Jesus answered him and said "It is written, that man shall not live by bread alone, but every word of God."  (Luke 4:4) .


What does it mean to overcome the flesh?  In simple terms it means to humple or discipline yourself.  In Psalm 69:10, David writes that fasting "chastened" his soul.  Chastening is a type of discipline that refines and purifies. It is a time of pruning back the dead areas of your life so that God can renew life and purpose within you. 


What are some areas where you have been lacking dicipline and that you now sense God leading you to prune?  It may be studying the word more, weight control, or other areas of dicipline needed. 


As you near the completion of this physical fast, think about other areas of your life that could benefit from a "fast."  Are there emotions and feelings that you would like to eliminate from your life (fear, anger, anxiety, unforgiveness, depression, grief, guilt, shame, etc.)?


What habits or actions keep you from  total health--body, mind,  and spirit?







Dear Lord, I thank You for giving me the power to have victory over my flesh as I continue with my fast.  I pray that You will show me other areas of my life that may need to be "fasted" or abstained from so that I may achieve total health in my Mind,  Body, and Spirit.  In Jesus Name  amen.

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Have A Blessed Day!

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