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DAY 23

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Day 23

Focus Thought

Using the right kinds of raw, fresh juices increases the healing benefits of fasting.


Daily Prescription for Health 

Since fresh juices are very easy for the body to assimilate, they give your digestive tract a chance to rest and repair.  Juice also creates and alkaline environment for your body's cells and tissues so that they can start releasing waste products through your body's channels elimination.


The primary elimination channels of the body include the kidneys and the urinary tract, the colon, the lungs, and the skin.  Fasting allows your liver to catch up on its internal cleansing and detoxification.  At the same time, the digestive organs, including the stomach, pancreas,  intestines, and gallbladder get a rest.


In addition, the blood and lymphatic system can be effectively cleansed of toxic build up through fasting.  During fasting, our cells, tissues, and organs can begin to dump accumalated waste products as well as chemicals and toxins.  This helps the cells heal and repair and be healthy.  


 Each cell takes in nutrients and excretes waste in the body.  Fasting allows each cell to dump its waste products and thus be able to function at peak levels.


Fatty tissues release chemicals and toxins during a fast also.  These in turn are broken down by the liver, excreted by the kidneys and through the bile.  Your body will excrete toxins in may ways during the fast.


Don't be alarmed if you develop a rash or belmish or a small odor as the toxins are being released through the skin, the body's largest organ. 


Daily Spiritual Journey


The Lord will guide you continually.  ( Isaih 58:11).


To realize the benefits of fasting, you must be led by the Spirit during this special time. Spend time reading about the Spirit of God and fasting in the bible,  Start with Luke 4.


You should repeat a fast when a need or situation in life calls for it or just to improve overall health.  If you desire to hear from the Lord, the Spirit will usually lead you into a fast.




Write out a prayer to thank God for leading and directing you into and through your fast.


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