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DAY 15

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Focus Thought

Digestion actually begins when your brain signals that your body needs food.


Daily Prescription for Health

Imagine tht your skin turned into glass so tht you could see everything inside of you.  You would quickly see tht yout instestinal track is a long winding tube.  It conntects the entire digestive system together.  The small instestines connect with the large intestines and the large intestines connect to the rectum and end at the anus.  If digestion and elimination proceed smoothly and unhindered and you consume enough water and fiber, then toxins are eliminated daily and good health can be acheived.



Daily Spiritual Journey

"The Lord will guide you continually."  Isaiah 58:11


Fasting enables us to receive God's mercy and grace.  God's mercy and grace are available to you today.  


You may use this time of fasting to ask for God's mercy upon our nataion.  Seek God on behalf of the leaders of our country and ask his forgivness for the sins of our nation. 


List some things that you feel God is asking us to repent from as

a nation________________________________________________






Dear Lord you said that if your people would humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, then you would hear from heaven and forgive their sins and  heal the land.  I ask that you do this in my body, in my home and in the nation.




Record Thoughts and Desires


Day 15

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