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DAY 13

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To Blessed to be Stressed!

Day 13


Focus Thought

Don't eat when you are stressed.  Before you pick up your fork or spoon, take a brief moment to relax a little.  Take five to ten slow, deep abdominal breaths.  It is extremely, important.


Daily Prescription for Health 

The effeciency of your GI tract is being challanged everyday.  One  of those challenges comes from a deficiency of some incredibly powerful digestive juices.  For people over 50 years old, hydrochloric acid ,which is essential in the stomach to break down food, may begin to decrease in levels. 


If stress plays a major role in your life, you probably don't need me to tell you that it affects digestion.  It is not unusual for stressed-out individuals to have stomach medications strewed all around their workplace and home.  If you are stressed you may become deficient in hydrochloric acid as well as pancreatic enzymes.  


The lack of pancreatic enzymes causes poor digestion of protiens, fats, and carbohydrates.  When this happens, bits of partially digested food can putrefy and eventually lead to bacterial overgrowth in the small intestines, food allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. 


Daily Spiritual Journey

You  shall be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail. (Isaiah 58:11).


The watered garden and unfailing spring in Isaiah 58:11 are  symbols for prosperity.  This passage lets us know that God's blessings will not fail.  They will not end.  We can look at Hin as our source and provider.  He will rain down His provisions upon us and quench the dry areas in our heart and soul and life. 


He is our souce and provider!  Stress will evaporate when God rains down His provisions and curses will be broken.  Needs and yes even desires will be met.


During these days of fasting, pray that your desires would be the desires of God.  Plray His will be reflected in the desires of your heart. 


As you take a spiritual inventory of your life, you need to let go of old ways of thinking and unhealthy habits, and take hold of God's plan for your life.  As you turn away from sin and trust God with your whole heart, He will pour out blessings that you won't have room enough to receive.    



Dear Lord, I know that You said you are able to do exceedingly above what I can ever ask or think.  I believe that You are already working to bestow blessings upon me as I seek You and the desires of Your heart.  With each new blessing, let me be more faithful, and may I always praise you and thank You for all You have done and contine to do in my life.  In Jesus name, Amen! !
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Day 13

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