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DAY 12

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Stay the course!  You are almost to home Base! Go Team!


Day 12


Focus Thought

Exercise is important daily.  Exercise is an easy way to boost self-image, build your condfidence, and increase your energy.  Determine to exercise at least twenty minutes a day, three to four days a week.



Daily Prescription for Health 

To ensure a healthy, fasted lifestyle,  plan to include a good exercise program.  Many toxins can be expelled simply through perspiration as you give your body the exercise it needs. 


Exercise is also an antidote for stress.  It helps to relax tight muscles and releave tension.  Regular exercise improves heart health, lung function, circulation, and blood pressure.


As you exercise, your body releasees endorphins also which are natural antidepressants and pain relievers.  Aerobic exercise also helps to calm your body as well as your mind by releasing tension.  During your fast, exercise moderately as to not become overly tired.  You can get together with friends for a walk, tennis, or ride the bicycle.


Daily Spiritual Journey

.... to loose the bonds..and undo heavy burdens. (Isaiah 58:6).

In the same way that light exercise during a fast relives tension and stress, spiritual fasting can releave burdens and lead to a break through in an area of need. 



Dear Lord, I believe that You have set me free and that, therefore, I am free indeed!  I stand in faith that you will move on my behalf to change circumstances in my life and set me free from strongholds that have held me captive.  I lay down those situations that I have tried to carry even though You never intended for me to carry them.  No matter how hopeless the situation seems, I will no longer try to handle it in my own strength, but I will wait to see your hand of deliverance at work in my life and thru my life.  Amen!
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Three things to take unto consideration during your exercise program:
  • What type
  • How Long
  • Calories Burned

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