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Day 8

Focus Thought

When we sit down to eat, we should take time to thank God and meditate on all His goodness and provision.  Release any negative emotions, bless the food, and eat.


Daily Prescription for Health 

Dining should be a pleasant time of the day--especially dinner.  It should be a time to sit down, relax, and gather with family, friends and enjoy food and fellowship.


The atmosphere at mealtime should be peaceful, plesant and joyful.  Turn off the television if possible.   Begin the meal with blessing and pause to consider how thankful you are.  Don't use the time at dinner to reprimand your children or discuss stressful topics, but instead chooose to compliment, encourage and relax with others.


You can't digest as well as you should and are more prone to develop heartburn, indegestion, bloating and gas when you are stressed.


If you are angry, upset or irritated, then wait to eat.  When families sit down together, it is an opportunity to reconnect with each other.  Make a point to create a pleasant environment at mealtime.


Daily Spiritual Journey


Those from among you shall build the old waste palces, you shall raise up the foundations of many generations. (Isaiah 58:12).


In this passage in Isaiah, we see the promise to raise up the foundations of many generations through fasting. Is there strife in your family? 


Generational blessings and generational curses dwell within families.  Curses of anger, unkindness, disrespect of others need to be broken if they exist in the family.  


List behaviours you have learned while growing up and that you want to break free from and have broken from your family.




Lord, I realize that my speech needs to be a reflextion of Your Spirit at work within me.  Let my speech be full of grace.  I renounce any generational curse that would cause me to use words tht tear others down.  Fill my mouth with words that will bring life to those around me and build them up. In Jesus name Amen! 
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