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Day 7

Focus Thought

Tap water may contain heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria and other microbes, chlorine, aluminum and many other chemicals and toxins.  It is best not to drink tap water or use for cooking.  


Daily Prescription for Health 

     Many pepole still use tap water.   However, this is not wise.  One government report identified over two thousand chemicals in tap water.

     Most testing facilities can only perform test for up to 30 chemicals.   Municipal treatment centers do not detect or remove most chemicals from the water supply. 


   The underground aquifers that feed city water supplies may catch runoff from dump sites, landfills and underground storage tanks.  Tap water is ok for watering lawns, washing clothes and flushing toilets.

       If you have been drinking tap water or beverages made from tap , tea, coffee, etc), it is strongly recommended that you purchase a water filter or buy pure bottled water from a reliable company.

Spiritual Journey
The Lord will satisfy your soul in drought and strengthen your bones.  (Isaiah 58:11).

Another benefit of fasting is mental, physical, and spiritual refreshment.  The bible says in Isaiah 40 that if we wait on the Lord,  He will renew our strength.  

       Like a stream of fresh living water flowing down from heaven,  God's Spirit can wash us and make us fresh and new.  Allow His Spirit to wash away weariness, worry, and spiritual dryness.   Spend time in His presence and wait upon Him in silence and  allow Him to renew your spirit.


Dear Lord, I receive your refreshing today. I ask that your Spirit will burst forth like streams of living water.  I thirst for more of you Lord.   Fill me with your overflow today and strengthen my inner-man.

In Jesus name Amen!


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