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Day 4


Focus Thought



What you take into your body should promote healing.  Let your medicine be your food.



Daily Prescription for Health 


Fasting is good for you on many levels.  Fasting helps to break food addictions and other unhealthy eating habits. After a fast, fresh fruits and vegetables taste great.  You won't desire to binge or overeat as you receive the nourishment your body needs.   Fasting should not be scary.  It improves your health physically and spiritually.



Daily Spiritual Journey


Your Healing shall spring forth speedily !   (Isaiah 58: 8).


There is great spiritual power in fasting.  It allows you to be released from things tht have been keeping you from all that God has for you.  You may fast to bring healing to your own body or for the illness of  a loved one.




Dear Lord in your word, You promised that by your stripes I am healed.  I pray according to your promises. I declare healing over my mind, body, and soul.  I also declare healing for(Insert Name).

Record Thoughts
Record your thoughts as to what you sense the Holy Spirit is laying on year heart.  What new insight do you have?