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21 Day Cleansing and Detox Fast
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The 21 DAY Liver DETOX & Cleansing FAST


Fasting is often thought of as taking nothing by mouth.  Technically this is true but there are different types of fast.  The type of fast needed for detoxification is a partial fast.  Not eating or drinking anything is not safe.  This fast is designed to give a rest to the digestive system.  It is designed to allow your overburdened liver to catch up with its task of detoxification.  Fasting also allows the other digestive organs such as the stomach, pancreas, intestines and gallbladder to take a rest.


Just as you sleep and your body revitalizes itself, fasting is considered an internal rest for the body to allow it to restore vitality and energy to vital organs and self cleanse.


The Liver is the hardest working organ in the body.  The Liver as many functions including: 


             1. Filtering your blood to remove toxins and bacteria

 2.  Storing vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates

             3.  Breaking down and detoxifying the body of

                  hormones, chemicals, and metabolic waste.


For the first 21 days of the program you will follow a specific diet regimen and take supplements to prepare the body for the last 7 days which is the Juice fast.  The menu selections are designed to help cleans and support the liver and prepare the body for the last 7 days of the fast where you are only in taking natural juices.


During the Fast you should avoid: colas, chocolates, alcohol, vegetable oils, hydrogenated fats and oils found in may margarines, shortening, peanut butters cake mix and frozen foods.  Avoid processed foods: white bread, chips, cereals, pastries, cookies, cakes and pies.  Avoid:  fast foods, processed juices,  soy products, fish and poultry.


Basically for this program we eliminate all meat, dairy, and eggs as well.


Eat as much of the following products as possible:

1.     Organic Fruits and Vegetables: Drink a glass of   freshlyjuiced fruits and Veges in the AM.

2.    Vegetables:  Cabbage, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cale, greens, carrots, beets.

(May be steamed or lightly stir fried in organic extra virgin olive or macadamia nut oil.)

3.     Nuts:  Almonds, macadamia,

4.    Beverages:  Drink plenty pure, clean water with fresh squeezed lime (two quarts Daily), fresh vegetable and fruit juices, organic tea or other herbal teas.  One cup of organic coffee a day is allowed if you are already a coffee drinker.

There are also included daily meal recommendations for Breakfast, Snack, Lunch and Dinner.

21 Day Fast Daily Menu Selections


  • Tex-Mex Bagels:  2 Ezeikel bagels, 1 tomato, 1 avacoado, Quick Guacamole
  • Buckwheat pancakes:  wheat pancake mix with 1 tsp molasses 1 cup water, berries

        Breakfast Sweet potatoes and Toasted Bagel

        Breakfast Tacos

        Banana Nut Cereal


        Spicy sunflower seeds

        Granola Crumble

        Banana Almond Delight

        Nachos Plain


        Cucumber Salad

        Tomato Bean Salad with Garlic Bread

        Greek Salad

        Incredible Summer Slaw

        Rainbow Fruit Salad

        Avacodo Salad


        Vegetarian Chili

        Garden Variety Soup:  water, 2 carrots, 2 potatoes, 1 cup green beans.,

            1 cup chopped brocolli

        Lemon Basil Pasta Tossed with Brocollli and Zucchini

        Five Bean Soup

       Veggie Shephard’s Pie

**  Please note these are simple menu suggestions for each day. Specific recipes may be found by utilizing Google search Engine online or via email request .